Joke-Alan Dale

Several years ago in Memphis I heard Eddy tell one of his jokes that maybe no one has told you.

It seems a boy from around Eddy's hometown was courting this particular girl.
(I'll call him Buford.) Buford finally got up the nerve to ask her to marry him and she acepted.
For their honeymon they got a cheap motel room just out of town.
The bride went into the bathroom and got herself ready for bed. 

When she came back into the room Buford was still sitting in the chair just like when she left him.
She asked "Honey aren't you gonna get ready for bed?"
To which Buford replied "Heck no, Pa said I'd be GOING TO TOWN by 10-O-clock !! "

Thank you Alan for sharing this joke with Eddy Arnold fans. 

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