Eddy Tells A Cute Joke

Eddy told this joke during one of his concerts many years ago in Florida. It brought "the  house down.." I still remember it.   Bill Comer


This lovely young lady goes to an Employers' doctor. The nurse takes her to an Examination Room and asked  her about her medical problem. She replied I'm here for a physical as my new employer requires it. The nurse said the doctor would be in shortly.

When the doctor entered he said I understand that you are here for a complete physical.    She explains to the doctor that she has been offered a very lucrative and exciting job and she is here to receive her required physical.

The doctor told her OK and asked her to take off all her clothes so he could give her a complete physical. . She replied that she didn't undress with the lights on for anyone not even her husband.

He said very well and he turned off the lights.

Momentarily, the patient said OK now where do I place my clothes. He replied "just stack them over here next to mine.

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