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I was lucky enough to see Eddy in person on two different occasions. At the second in Niagara Falls NY, Eddy told the following joke:

There was an old Indian chief who was about to take his first train ride. He and his squaw boarded the train an took their seats. After about haalf an hour of riding the chief turned to the squaw and said " squaw, chief thirsty, go get glass of water". The squaw went off and a minute or two later returned with a glass of water for her chief.
A short while later the chief again said "Squaw, chief thirsty, go get glass water" and again, she went out and return moments later with a glass of water for the chief.
An hour later the chief again said "Squaw, chief thirsty go get glass water" This time, the squaw left and did not immediately return. The chief waited, and waited some more. About twenty minutes had passed when the Squaw returned with the glass of water. The chief, a little annoyed asked "Squaw, how come you take so long to fetch water?"
To which the Squaw replied, "white woman was sitting on the spring"

The audience laughed long and loud on that one.

Larry: Thank you for sharing this joke with Eddy's fans.    Bill Comer
















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