A Message from Shannon Pollard

Hi Mr. Comer and all who are such a big help to this site. I am sorry I haven't checked in awhile and am sorry to read about illnesses and injuries and hope all is well with everyone.
There are so many initiatives I wish I could embark upon regarding the estate and some I have but some like DVDs are tough because we don't actually have much of any commercial value ie Eddy Arnold Time which was once owned by my grandfather is now with the Hall of Fame via his 2003 donation.
I did reach out to them about a joint project to release a set of them but you wouldn't believe the amount of money they wanted to just crack into the film cans. It led me in other directions and I have had some discussions with Sony (RCA) awhile ago about a project but they have other priorities as do I at the moment so we will see.
Anyway, know I am still actively pursuing projects including some I can't talk about yet and one I can which is happening on April 16th.
Two years ago I started conversations with The Carnegie Museum in Jackson, TN and they will be opening an entire section of the newly renovated museum to 3 icons of West TN music: Carl Perkins, Tina Turner and Eddy Arnold. So, I loaned a bunch of stuff to them so that opens in the middle of this month.
Stay tuned on the Official Eddy Arnold Site on Facebook or on my Facebook page as I will provide more info.
Again, hope all is well and take care,
Shannon: Many thanks for your comments. Eddy's Fans support your efforts to keep your grandfather's legend alive for many years to come, however all of us need to do whatever is necessary to have Eddy's unrealeased recordings released sooner than later.    Bill Comer

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