Eddy Arnold's Social Security Radio Shows

Submitted by Stewart G. Hoar

Don Macleod        "Mac"


These Eddy Arnold public service programs are part of a collection of vinyl used to produce a country music radio show called "Ranch House Jamboree". The show aired on AM in San Luis Obispo, CA from the early 50’s until Don Macleod "Mac" retired in the mid 70’s. Don’s on-air persona was "Mac the Scotch Hillbilly" Mac’s collection includes a large number of Eddy Arnold songs but you probably have every song Eddy published and in far better quality than these frequently played vinyl records can deliver. Eddy’s career spanned many more years than the quarter century that "Ranch House Jamboree" entertained AM listeners along the central California coast. Suffice to say that Mac loved Eddy’s music and not only played it frequently on the show but made five 90 minute tapes of Eddy’s music for personal listening.

The included photo shows Mac at station KATY. Ranch House Jamboree was always a San Luis Obispo feature but back in the AM days a clear channel and more powerful transmitter meant a larger audience. He moved the show to KSLY and later to KVEC where the show ran every Saturday and Sunday from sign-on until noon.  

Five minute Playable Radio Shows are posted below for your listening pleasure:

Social Security Radio Show 139 Social Security Radio Show 140 Social Security Radio Show 141
Social Security Radio Show 142 Social Security Radio Show 143 Social Security Radio Show 144

Additional Shows Coming Soon   

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