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This Web Site was constructed in November 1997 by my son, Bruce Comer, and me. Eddy Arnold was aware of this endeavor and he provided this site with support and information. As asserted in our mission statement, the sole purpose of this effort was, and still is, to honor one of the greatest singers and performers ever.  His many accomplishments earned him numerous honors and awards. However, he was  also denied recognition which he so richly deserved  over his distinguished career such as the Kennedy Center Honors.
Michael D. Freda, Compiler of the book, "Eddy Arnold Discography, 1944-1996" published by Greenwood Press in 1997 addressed this neglect better than anyone. After Eddy was once again rejected by the Kennedy Center, Mike wrote the following:

"Like the rest of the music world that has taste, I am saddened that Eddy Arnold has once again been overlooked by the Kennedy Center. In a way I am glad because I really do not think that Eddy belongs with those who are awarded this "honor."
No, Eddy is a decent, honest, upright and moral family man. There are no scandals associated with him, no criminal record for  him to be proud of, no all night drinking binges or drug abuse in his past. He is even an Ameican citizen. How could he stand a chance with all these faults against him. No, Eddy Arnold would add something all of those chosen for the honor and those who chose them put together lack: dignity. There is no need to feel sorry for ourselves. We know and appreciate Eddy! All the others have to search in vain for the rest of their lives for what we already have."    
This is a Non-Profit web site with nothing to sell. However, there is a vast amount of material which we are eager to share with Eddy's fans.
Special thanks to Don Stewart, an Eddy Arnold fan, who was the first person to sign the original guest book in 1998 and the first person to sign the present guest book. Over the years, Don has worked with this web site to keep Eddy's legend alive in endeavors too many to mention. He still continues to work with me on a daily basis to update and install new items for your enjoyment.   Bill Comer 
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