This Is An Email That I Received On August 20, 2002 And I Want To Share It With Eddy's Fans

Subject: Great Friend
Ed Read - August 20, 2002

Dear Bill,

I have been through your web site featuring Eddy Arnold, I love it and no one deserves to have such a wonderful web site more than Eddy, congratulations on the wonderful job you have done with it.

I have been a personal friend of Eddy's since I moved to Brentwood in 1977.

I opened a store there, and within a few days of the opening, Eddy walked in and introduced himself to me and we have been friends ever since.

When I was a boy living in Connecticut I bought Eddy Arnold records, and I learned to play the guitar and sing his songs. I never dreamed that one day he would treat me like family.

For many years I was a Disc Jockey and played his records. I was fortunate enough to have a record survey with my name and photo on it when I worked at WILI Radio in Willimantic, Connecticut and the record stores offered it to their customers. One of my pick hits was an Eddy Arnold record ( need not be a genius to pick an Eddy Arnold record to become a hit). I have shown it to him to prove that I really did spin his records.

For many years now Eddy and his wonderful wife Sally and I have enjoyed going to dinner together.
I guess you know they have a wonderful since of humor and sometimes we laugh and cut up like little children.

There will never be another Eddy Arnold, he is the true definition of a GENTLEMAN.
There is not enough room on the internet to be able to describe Eddy and his wonderful wife Sally.
It would take years of writing, and even then one could not begin to describe this GREAT MAN and his family.

He has personally invited me to many functions when he has been honored. I guess you would have to ask him why I am so special, because he always has a place for me to sit with his wonderful family.
Thousands of people would give all to be able to receive such an honor, and I don't take it lightly.

A short time ago my cell phone rang and it was Eddy. Ed this is Eddy Arnold . Hello Mr. Arnold I replied.
How could I not recognize his unique voice?  He was calling to invite me to a function at Belmont University.
"This Friday, I am going to be honored with a Doctorate Degree he said, and I would like you to be there, it is at 7 PM at Belmont Heights Baptist Church."

Of course, I accepted and was present, and again had the honor of sitting in the same pew in the church with Eddy and his immediate family right in the front row.

There are no words in the English language or any other for that matter to describe how my heart felt as he received his Degree. He is an emotional man and he cried, and so did I, even though he did not see me tear up also.
He was eloquent with his acceptance speech, and I wish the whole world could have been there to see and hear him.

I am now proud to call him Dr. Arnold.

I hope I have been able to convey just a few thoughts and feelings about this special gift from GOD named Eddy Arnold.

I have asked myself many times what I ever did to earn his love and respect, I guess there is only one answer, it is God's wish.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, please keep up your good work with the web site and may you be rewarded by our maker for all your fine effort.

If I can be a help to you in any way, please call upon me I will give it my best shot.

Warm regards,

Ed Read

Ed: Many thanks for your very nice email.  I am placing it on the website so other fans of Eddy Arnold will be able to read it.  God Bless you.  Bill Comer

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