Mike Freda - July 31, 2002
Like the rest of the music world that has taste, I am saddened that Eddy Arnold has once again been overlooked by the Kennedy Center.
In a way I am glad because I really do not think that Eddy belongs with those who are awarded this "honor." No, Eddy is a decent, honest, upright and moral family man. There are no scandals associated with him, no criminal record for him to be proud of, no all night drinking binges or drug abuse in his past. He is even an American citizen. How could he stand a chance with all these faults against him.
No, Eddy Arnold would add something all of those chosen for the honor and those who chose them put together lack: dignity.
There is no need to feel sorry for ourselves. We know and appreciate Eddy! All the others have to search in vain for the rest of their lives for what we already have.

"Even if he [Eddy Arnold] had not been one of the smoothest stylists in  country music history, even if he had not taken the music into venues like Carnegie Hall, even if he had not pioneered singing in supper clubs in a tuxedo, Eddy Arnold would have a place in the record books.
Like a baseball hall of famer, his statistics are impressive. The Billboard files show him with a total 145 best selling singles and total record sales in excess of 85 million making him one of the biggest selling country stars of all time.
Arnold holds the record for most top ten hits (92), the most consecutive top ten hits (67 between 1945 and 1956)
and the most weeks at the Number 1 position (145).  If he were  playing in the majors,  his lifetime average would
be over .400."
Time Life  Courtesy of Bill Shoop

A quote from CMT TV about Dr. Richard Edward (Eddy) Arnold:

"RCA have assessed that his record sales are in excess of 85 million. It is quite astonishing that Elvis Presley et al. are automatically regarded as the most successful chart acts. Arnold's chart success eclipses everybody and is unlikely ever to be beaten".
Submitted by Frank Cunningham of Mechanicsburg, PA on January 20, 2002.   Email:  fcunning@ptd.net

The legendary Chet Atkins influenced generations of guitar players.  "When people would talk about who the best guitar players were," eulogized his good friend Eddy Arnold, "you put Chet's name on top and argued about the rest of them."
         Country Weekly - January 8, 2001 issue

"This is my seventh decade....and every once in a while I get a hankering to re-visit these songs again....songs with which I have had a great relationship. That's the reason I have gone back and sung these songs again. I certainly hope they will touch you. You will notice some duets; of course, one is LeAnn singing "Cattle Call" with me. I hope you will also pay attention to two other duets...one with Carrie-Margaret Frey and the other with Lisa Carrie. These ladies have worked with me for a good many years, and I picked the great old love songs to sing with them. I hope you will enjoy them with me." Eddy Arnold

Dr. Don Cusic - August 27, 1999
City and State: Nashville, Tennessee
Favorite Country Artist?: Eddy Arnold!
Rate this site?: A plus!
When Eddy Arnold began his career, recordings were made direct to disk--and there were no country radio stations. You could hardly find country records (which were 78s) and there was no television. It is wonderful to note that Eddy Arnold has now seen not only tape recording, country radio, television, country music on television and a host of other changes as well as the digital revolution. I'm sure Mr. Arnold never dreamed there would even be an "internet," much less that he would be on it! Congratulation to Bill Comer for providing this wonderful, valuable service. I love it!

Dr. Don Cusic is a Professor at Belmont University in Nashville. He is the author of the excellent biography "Eddy Arnold, I'll Hold You In My Heart."  This book is available on Amazon.com and other internet sites or at your local book store.  Bill Comer

Roberta Edging - April 05, 1998
City and State: Nashville, TN
Favorite Country Artist: Eddy Arnold
Rate this site: EXCELLENT
Mr. Comer is a good friend of mine, I have known him for several years, I know how hard he has worked on this web site, he has done a wonderful job. He is true Eddy Arnold fan. I know...Because I have worked for Mr.  Arnold for many years.

Mike Freda - January 09, 1999
City and State: Belleville, N.J.
Favorite Country Artist?: Eddy Arnold
Rate this site?: Excellent
The new look to the site looks great and I am deeply impressed on how the site keeps on getting better! If there is ever an award for the Eddy Arnold fan of the year, you should get the lifetime achievement award! You have done so much to keep his name and music public and you deserve the thanks of every fan.

Mike Freda compiled a very detailed discography on Eddy.  His book, "Eddy Arnold Discography 1944-1996" is available at you local book store and on the internet at Amazon.com and other sites.  Bill Comer

Mike Freda - April 13, 2000
Favorite Country Artist?: Eddy Arnold
Rate this site?: Second To None
Bill, you've done it again with the Jerry Purcell interview. You have put together in one spot a valuable tool and source of knowledge for the world to use and to enjoy. Your site just keeps on getting better and better. Your enthusiasm and dedication is inspiring and you remind us every day how much Eddy Arnold means to us.

Ronnie Pugh - April 04, 1998
City and State: Nashville, TN
Country: USA
Favorite Country Artist: Ernest Tubb
Rate this site: Excellent
Bill Comer is the most dedicated fan/collector I know, and I'm proud to have been of some little assistance to him down through the years. And oh yes, Eddy Arnold in his early years was among the true greats in country music. I look forward to Bear Family's reissue of that great material, too long hard to find.

Ronnie Pugh - March 18, 1999
City and State: Nashville, TN
Favorite Country Artist?: Ernest Tubb
Rate this site?: First rate!!
Bill and Bruce, You've done a splendid job for a great artist! Nelle Poe Yandell sent me a tape of early Eddy Arnold Opry performances last week which are fabulous.

Mike Streissguth - April 06, 1999
City and State: Syracuse, NY
Rate this site?: 10/10
This is the best Eddy Arnold site going. Bill and Bruce Comer's work is a great tribute to a great singer. They deserve all of our thanks for making this site possible. Long live Eddy Arnold!

Mike is the author of the excellent biography on Eddy. The book, "Eddy Arnold: Pioneer of the Nashville Sound" is available at your favorite book store, Amazon.com, and many online book stores. Bill Comer

Some long-forgotten reporter quoted Eddy Arnold's aspirations decades ago in a newspaper that's now tattered and yellowed with time:  "When I finally put my guitar in the case the last time, I want to be remembered just as a singer, not as a country singer or pops singer---just a singer."  His journey over many years and musical styles tells the story.  Eddy Arnold accomplished his goal. (Michael Streissguth's biography Eddy Arnold:  Pioneer Of The Nashville Sound.)

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